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Training Room - One Month Acute Injury Pass

The One Month Acute Injury Pass to the Training Room is ideal if you have a recent injury and want to do everything you can to get better.

A 'One Month Acute Injury Pass' includes:
  • 30-minute re-assessment with athletic trainer, Matthew Pettersen, to be used anytime during the month
  • Unlimited visits to the Training Room (with in/out privileges) for 1 month
  • 30-minute NormaTec session per visit
  • Contrast tubs (hot soak and cold plunge)
  • FAR Infrared Sauna session
  • Specialized Modalities based on your individualized treatment needs and modality availability (Cold Laser, Compex Unit, Game Ready)
  • Access to and instruction on how to best utilize myofascial release tools
  • New ideas on dynamic warm-up, stretching, and foam rolling from our training room staff
NOTE: Injuries can take longer than one month to heal.  After your month, talk to our team at Prime to discuss what next step are right for your unique needs for maintenance or continued recovery. 



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