Yoga for Runners - LIVESTREAM
March 26 (Thursday) at 12:00 pm

Online Class

Erica Quam
Class length
1 hour
Upstairs - Movement Studio
Learn how to use yoga to enhance your running by helping you develop better flexibility, strength, and balance. Adding yoga to your routine can actually help you prevent an injury by uncovering asymmetries and instabilities in your body.
  • Learn poses that strengthen, stretch, and counter the impact of a repetitive sport
  • Have sequences you can practice for the rest of your running career.
  • Experiment with how yoga fits into your individual training plan
  • Focus on breathing techniques to use during training and/or racing
  • Incorporate meditation and mantras for mental training 
The constant stress of training combined with the busyness of life can overtax your adrenal system. Yoga can help you relax and engage your parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest vs. fight or flight) that will allow you to sleep better, recover faster, and have even more fun!

  • Beginners welcome without acute injuries
  • No prior yoga experience required
  • Experienced yoga students are also welcome and encouraged to focus on alignment and action in each pose
“Yoga will make you a better athlete. Even if you never do touch your toes, gaining flexibility, balance, and whole-body strength will improve your form, efficiency, and power. And even if you never assume a single yoga posture, yoga’s approach to concentration and breath awareness will improve your mental focus and mental endurance - the intangibles that become so important at the end of a long training session or race.”
- Sage Roundtree

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