Small Group Training: LIVESTREAM
April 3 (Friday) at 7:00 am

Online Class

Kerry Gustafson
Class length
1 hour
Downstairs Gym
Small Group Training: LIVESTREAM

Each session will include:
  • Dynamic warmup  - prepare the rest of the body for the workout
  • High intensity exercise - changing tempo, time, and format in a structured way
  • Conditioning and core work 
  • Static stretching or diaphragmatic breathing - cool down and allow parasympathetic nervous system to turn on before you walk out the door
  • Download the ZOOM app on your device. It’s free. 
  • You will see two versions of the same class on the schedule. (The regular one if you are coming in person; the live stream if you are practicing at home.)
  • Please make sure you register and pre-pay for the class that says “LIVESTREAM" at least 10 minutes before class.
  • Ten minutes before the start of the class you will get an email link to join. 
  • Class will be open on Zoom ten minutes before the start, so you can join and see the room. 
  • This is a broadcast of a class. Your video and audio will be turned off, so you will not be seen by other participants or by the teacher. 
  • Please be patient with us. We cannot provide ZOOM tech support. Get yourself situated well before the start of class. 
  • There are no refunds on live-streaming classes. 
  • "I acknowledge I must sign Prime's online waiver before participating."
Please note: When you join a live-stream class (via Zoom meeting) make sure to click "connect to audio via internet" & then double-check that you are muted and your video is turned off at home.

Sorry - that class has already taken place!