Prime Sports Institute

Yin Yoga with Travis [IN PERSON]
with Travis Thieszen

April 15 (Monday)
at 12:00 pm

Class length
60 minutes

Upstairs - Movement Studio

This class is designed to sustain you through injury, recovery and longevity so you can do what you love as often as you can.

Yin yoga is a slow, meditative class. Poses are held for longer and are often supported by props so you can focus on relaxation and letting go. This allows the body to release deep holding patterns and work on the connective tissues that muscles rely on.

This class is paired with subtle energy work - Reiki - to amplify the benefits of yoga and dial up the body's intrinsic healing capacity.

As an added perk, with a smaller class size we can easily modify the practice to handle most injuries and conditions. Just communicate with the instructor as you come in or run into anything that raises a question. Yin & Reiki is the perfect compliment to the life of a busy mind and an active body.

Class is limited to 10 students.

Mondays: 12pm - 1pm 


Sorry - that class has already taken place!